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Meet and Match Event step by step

Come together in pre-arranged face to face meetings with exhibitors and/or visitors at one place in a short time slot to discuss your business interests
Get in contact with potential partners for future collaboration
Establish cross-border contacts for business relationships
Registration with contact details and co-operation profile(s) is mandatory for full access to the website and for participation [ Registration ]
Please mark your availability at the event by ticking the (morning and/or afternoon) sessions and consider them in your diary [ Clients ]
Specify your objectives and interests in the co-operation you are looking for; beare in mind that other participants will request meetings based on the information given in your profile [ Clients ]
All information subitted will be checkend and validated before it is published online.  
Identification and selection of dialogue partners
Identify possible co-operation partners by analysing the profiles [ Catalogue ]
  - using the listings in alphabetical order [ Catalogue ]
- using the preselected listings via search options [ Catalogue ]
Select the companies and dialogue partners you want to meet by clicking "request meeting" [ Catalogue ]
Stay up to date
Add and update your contact details and your company profile(s) [ Clients ]
Add, check and update your own meeting requests; your potential dialogue partners might have declinded your requests [ Clients ]
Check the requests for your profiles. You may decline requests; we assume not declined requests as accepted [ Clients ]
Scheduling of meetings
Based on the meeting requests and the selected sessions of attendance individual meeting schedules will be compiled by the organisers
The individual schedules will be sent to each participant by email prior to the event
The individual schedules will be also available as download at the website
Event participation
Please register right in time at the venue; you will receive your possibly updated schedule
If you can not be in time please call us using the phone number on your schedule
Problems with regard to participation
Please let us know as early as possible about possible problems in keeping your appointments; please keep in mind that otherwise your dialogue partner will wait for you in vain
Please contact us with any questions you might have regarding e.g. use of the website, information on public traffic etc.
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K matchmaking
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Enterprise Europe Network

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Dr. Uwe Birk
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Magali Parent
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