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Company Kunststoff-Institut für die mittelständische Wirtschaft NRW GmbH Germany
Address 58507 Lüdenscheid
Internet Year founded 1988
Employees 10-50 Turn over (in m
Contact Thomas Eulenstein
Phone 02351-1064-195 Fax
Email eulenstein@kunststoff-institut.de
Details of co-operation
Summary of company profile Ref no
Testing of sustainable materials – technical application of bio-based components DE-PS-74
A German institute specializing in materials/plastics has initiated a cooperative project for the testing and assessment of bio-based materials for applications relevant to the plastics industry. The project pays special attention to renewable raw materials and natural-fibre reinforced plastics as well as to processes such as injection moulding and surface treatment. Companies from the plastics industry are sought who are willing to join the project.
The growing awareness of the finiteness of our natural resources, the introduction of various Environmental laws, but also the demand of the market for "green" products have led to an
increased use of bio-based materials or natural fiber materials (NFC, WPC) in all industries. The product manufacturers not only react to rising commodity prices, but also build up a profile as sustainable businesses in the public. The beginnings of material development date back to the 1980s/90s. At that time, however, products did not penetrate the market, which is in part due to the missing political framework and therefore lack of economic pressure. Meanwhile, the second generation of these materials is being used successfully especially in packaging applications.
The third generation of these materials is mainly used in technical applications. They are the centre of interest of a cooperative R&D project initiated by a German Materials institute. The aim of this project is to assess and evaluate different groups of materials with respect to material properties, tools, construction/ engineering, processing and surface. Selected trials will bring valuable results about the possibilities of implementation. The focus is on renewable raw materials and natural-fibre reinforced plastics. They will be sampled and investigated with regard to special properties. The use of special procedures such as injection moulding and surface treatment is especially considered.
The following aspects will be covered by the project:
- Market research – elaboration/provision of information sources, databases, studies, etc.
- Assessment of materials in terms of processing by injection moulding: material preparation, plasticization, flow behaviour
- Constructional and tool-related assessment
- Analysis and definition of material characteristics (shrinkage, distortion)
- Material tests in the light of special requirements from the various Industries - such as odour testing, Fogging, aging test (solar simulation, weathering, moisture resistance, etc.)
- selected surfaces and decorative methods clarifying the implementation options (investigation and characterization of surface properties, e.g. scratch resistance, roughness, colour, surface energy)
Innovation and advantages
- Answers to open questions with regard to the use of bio-based
components for different technical applications
- Accelerated market launch of bio-based materials
- Exploiting the benefits related to the use of bio-based materials
(reduction of CO2, availabitlity of resources, marketing, etc.)
Web link
Hall 6 / D76 at K Fair or http://www.kunststoff-institut.de/download/1216
Current state of development of the technology
NO Development phase – laboratory tested NO Available for demonstration – field tested NO Already on the market
YES OtherCollaborative project
Intellectual Property Rights
NO Patent(s) applied for NO Patent(s) granted NO Copyright protected
NO Exclusive rights NO Secret know-how
YES Others (registered design, plant variety right, etc)
Partner sought:
Content of the demanded co-operation:
NO License NO Commercial agreement NO Technical agreement
YES Partner Search NO Joint venture NO Manufacturing Agreement
NO Others
Technical specifications
Specific area of activity of the partner sought
Plastic producers and processers
Tasks to be performed of the partner sought
Participate in the cooperative project
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