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Contakt coordinates
Company ISB Watertec GmbH Germany
Address 40599 Duesseldorf
Internet Year founded
Employees <10 Turn over (in m 1,5-2
Contact Roger Wirth
Phone +4921174968520 Fax
Email r.wirth@isb-watertec.de
Details of co-operation
Summary of company profile Ref no
Galvanic water treatment against corrosion and lime deposit DE-TO-73
A German company offers a galvanic water treatment technology in order to avoid corrosion and lime deposit in production plants. A special zinc anode protects the machines without a need for chemical treatment, reducing the cost for maintenance and extending the plants’ operational life span. Industrial production companies from all sectors are sought to integrate the technology into their plants.
Industrial producers need specially treated and process water for their production units. Increased costs for maintenance due to corrosion, lime and biofilms deposits, reduced operating life, high costs for chemical dosing agents and the control of measurement and control technology and data communication and breakdown of production-related systems are frequent problems in this context. Therefore, there is a need for an efficient and low-cost protection against corrosion, deposits and biofilms.

A German company provides an alternative to traditional chemical water treatment, more precisely a galvanic water treatment system for protection against corrosion and lime deposits. The patented system departs from the crystal structure of lime. Without using chemical additives and salts, it transforms crystal lime needles in neutral, non-adhesive lime balls. A 30 to 45 cm brass cylinder is screwed or flanged into the water supply system. Inside this cylinder there is a high purity zinc anode. When getting in contact with water, a potential tension of up to 1 volt builds up between both metals. As a consequence, small amounts of zinc are continuously discharged into the water. This has to effects: Instead of the tube wall, it is the zinc anode which corrodes. Furthermore, the zinc causes the small needle-shaped lime particles in the water to amalgamate into larger particles. The resulting larger lime balls are more easily removed by the current than the small particles. After some months after the installation, equilibrium is reached in which a new, thin lime layer lines the tube and protects against new lime deposits and corrosion.
Innovation and advantages
- Cost savings in the area of maintenance by reducing corrosion and deposits
- Extension of maintenance intervals of heat exchangers, engine cooling
systems, pumps, etc.
- Increase of productivity and extension of operational life (-span)
- Reduction of costs for chemical dosing agents (phosphate chemicals,
- Use of energy-saving potential through increased heat transfer in
cooled plants
- No maintenance cost apart from periodical exchange
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Current state of development of the technology
NO Development phase – laboratory tested NO Available for demonstration – field tested YES Already on the market
NO Other
Intellectual Property Rights
NO Patent(s) applied for YES Patent(s) granted NO Copyright protected
NO Exclusive rights NO Secret know-how
NO Others (registered design, plant variety right, etc)
Partner sought:
Content of the demanded co-operation:
NO License YES Commercial agreement NO Technical agreement
NO Partner Search NO Joint venture NO Manufacturing Agreement
NO Others
Technical specifications
Specific area of activity of the partner sought
any industrial operation where corrosion and lime deposits in water pipes are a problem
Tasks to be performed of the partner sought
integration of the technology into the partner's processes
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