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Contakt coordinates
Company 3S Simons Security Systems GmbH Germany
Address 48301 Nottuln
Internet Year founded
Employees <10 Turn over (in m
Contact Rolf Simons
Phone +49 2502 2333 0 Fax
Email info@secutag.de
Details of co-operation
Summary of company profile Ref no
Unique anti-counterfeit product safety tag system DE-TO-7
A small German company has developed a forgery-proof anti-counterfeit system for objects, documents, packaging, fluid and powdery materials, but also plants and animals. The system offers sound legal protection in product liability trials. Manufacturers of original parts and products from all sectors are sought to apply the system.
The most evident negative impact of product counterfeit are financial losses. However, when it comes to safety-relevant parts or components, the consequences can be even more ruinous, ranging from image losses to lost product liability trials which can turn into a serious economic threat especially to small and medium-sized producers of original parts.

A small German company has developed a forgery-proof security label system offering sound legal protection. The basis of the system are microscopical and extremely durable melamine alkyd polymer particles, which are sized 8-90µm. This size of the particles is unique world-wide and depends on the particular application. Each customer gets an own personal colour code which is forgery-proof and secures objects, documents and packaging as well as solid, fluid and powdery materials like a genetic fingerprint. The system is accepted as decisive evidence in court. Application mechanisms are product-specific.

The micro-colour code is invisible to the naked eye. Yet, compared to the complicated and secret manufacturing process of the colour, the identification is quite easy. A microscope or an automatic reader is enough to unmask plagiarism or to prove the originality of a product.
Innovation and advantages
- forgery-proof system for securing objects, documents, packaging, fluid and powdery materials
- protection in product liability trials in case of product counterfeit
- durable, heat-resistant material
- individual and product-specific application procedures
- easy proof of originality of a product using a microscope or an automatic reader
Technical specifications
The security code is produced by the use of a so called "sandwich method" wherein 4 to 10 variably coloured layers are stratified. The identification system is internationally patented and trademarked and allows more than 4.35 billion different basic colour codes. With binary codes, which means the combination of numerous particles, the number of codes is practically infinite. A particular code number is the product of the allocation of a specific numerical value to each individual colour. The gauge of the layers starts with a size of 0.001 mm. The elements are produced on a top secret patent and under utmost secrecy.
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Current state of development of the technology
NO Development phase laboratory tested NO Available for demonstration field tested YES Already on the market
NO Other
Intellectual Property Rights
NO Patent(s) applied for YES Patent(s) granted NO Copyright protected
NO Exclusive rights NO Secret know-how
NO Others (registered design, plant variety right, etc)
Partner sought:
Content of the demanded co-operation:
NO License YES Commercial agreement NO Technical agreement
NO Partner Search NO Joint venture NO Manufacturing Agreement
NO Others
Technical specifications
Specific area of activity of the partner sought
Product manufacturers from all sectors
Tasks to be performed of the partner sought
Apply the product security system
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