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Contakt coordinates
Company SiCon GmbH Germany
Address 57271 Hilchenbach
Internet Year founded 1998
Employees 10-50 Turn over (in m
Contact Heiner Guschall
Phone +49 2733 811760 Fax
Email info@sicon.eu
Details of co-operation
Summary of company profile Ref no
Unique know-how, engineering and latest technology for sorting, recycling and treatment of residues DE-TO-64
Sicon GmbH offers its unique know-how, engineering and technology for plants for sorting, recycling and treatment of industrial and post-consumer waste, especially shredder residue and electronic scrap. Based on many years of experience they develop individually tailored solutions which result in higher purity of the separated metals. Industrial or engineering partners are sought for technical and commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Sicon GmbH has expertise and unique know-how in engineering of plants for sorting, recycling and treatment of industrial and post-consumer waste, especially shredder residue and electronic scrap. For more than 10 years they have been actively engaged in all fields relating to shredder residue processing and recycling. In co-operation with a university and with automotive industry technologies are developed, applied, tested and continually improved.

The company offers comprehensive and professional engineering services to scrap recycling companies, in particular to those operating shredder plants.

This includes the development of solutions for the processing and recycling of shredder and other production waste generated by scrap recycling aggregates or for automated sensor-controlled non-ferrous metal processing. This may also include preparation of complete recycling concepts and assisting in the implementation in case that comprehensive disposal services to waste disposal facilities are required.

Their solutions for dry-mechanical processing of shredder heavy fraction are based on screening and separation of Fe-, non-ferrous- and stainless steel. Turnkey plants can also be designed.

The solutions are economically viable and characterised by a very high purity of the separated metals, in particular regarding the fines content, which in most existing facilities is only poorly separated.
Innovation and advantages
Experience and know-how gathered in more than ten years and
many projects
Close co-operation with University ensures access to latest research results
Tried and tested shredder residue processing developed in co-operation
with car industry
Higher purity of separated materials than is achieved with conventional
Waste reduction is achieved
European directives are met
Solutions are tailored to individual problems
Technical specifications
Current and Potential Domain of Application:

Shredder operators, industry dealing with industrial and post-consumer waste, especially shredder residue and electronic scrap.

References include separation of PVC from shredder residues, development of alternative recovery possibilities for substitute fuels, analysis and optimization of internal flow of residues, engineering of a screening and metal separation plant for shredder residue.
Current state of development of the technology
NO Development phase laboratory tested NO Available for demonstration field tested YES Already on the market
NO Other
Intellectual Property Rights
NO Patent(s) applied for NO Patent(s) granted NO Copyright protected
NO Exclusive rights NO Secret know-how
YES Others (registered design, plant variety right, etc)Some processes patented, some patent applied for, some secret know-how
Partner sought:
Content of the demanded co-operation:
NO License YES Commercial agreement YES Technical agreement
NO Partner Search NO Joint venture NO Manufacturing Agreement
NO Others
Technical specifications
Companies interested in the know-how, expertise and technologies are sought for commercial co-operation with technical assistance or for technical co-operation to find the optimum solution to their individual problems.
Solutions would be adjusted to the specific needs, e.g. of a shredder operator or recycling plant. The German company is further available to assist in the process implementation, including engineering and assembly. The respective consultancy is offered.
Engineering companies are also potentially interesting partners to carry out joint engineering projects in the sector and to co-develop processes further.
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