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Company CNEP (Centre National d’Evaluation de Photoprotection) France
Address Ensemble universitaire des Cézeaux- BP 30234, 63174 AUBIERE
Internet www.cnep-ubp.com Year founded 1986
Employees 10-50 Turn over (in m 0,794
Contact DUTEURTRE Xavier
Phone 0667094958 Fax +33(0)4 73 27 59 69
Email j.lacoste@cnep-ubp.com
Details of co-operation
Summary of company profile Ref no
Expertise in failures analysis and durability prediction of polymers (plastics) materials. FR-CO-59
Products services:
The research centre is a specialist of polymer photoageing, and offers services to industrial companies facing increasing problems of degradation and more generally on polymer (“plastics”) failures. It collaborates with SME and world size companies working in various fields of polymer applications.
CNEP is active also active in the determination of polymer initial properties and in the controlled degradation of polyolefins (oxobiodegradable polymers).

The French research centre (CNEP : Centre National d’Evaluation de Photoprotection) examined each year more of 500 failure cases and its expertise is covering more than 100 000 different polymer formulations. Thanks to a large panel of analytical techniques, it’s possible to detect the chemical origin in most of initial polymer failures.
In case of ageing analysis, the knowledge of chemical degradation mechanisms of most polymers allows to follow degradation at very low extent both in natural and accelerated conditions. The influence of formulation compounds including stabilisers can also be examined.
CNEP is also specialised in the prediction of long term behavior of polymer materials and composites exposed outdoor or submitted to other environments (thermal, humidity, stress, microrganisms, etc). (decennal guarantees …)
CNEP is also involved in measurements of initial properties of polymer materials, in particular permeability measurements of packaging films and bottles (CNEP analytical and ageing equipments are reported on web site (http://www.cnep-ubp.com). An expertise in analysis of art objects is also there.
CNEP is also involved in legal and insurance expertises concerning polymer failures
Technical specifications : CNEP has the agreement of the french ministery of research as CRT (Technological Resources Centre).
Objectives of desired contacts:
NO to investigate the market YES to establish new contacts NO to deepen existing contacts
NO othersconfidentiality agreement between CNEP and industry partners
Partner sought:
Content of the demanded co-operation:
YES distribution NO License NO Project implementation
NO Supply YES Research and development NO Joint venture
NO Production YES Project development NO Investment
NO OthersIndustry, foreign research organisation, Plastic industry, additives distributors, Plastic transformers and constructors concerned by durability problems and quality controls
Special Requests:
Helping any companies facing problems of polymer failures thanks to the expertise of experienced research and academic staff.
Analysis of the problem and recommendation of solution.
Thanks to chemical characterisation during ageing, determination of polymer’s lifetime or origin of their failure during service life.
Appropriate recommendation for improvement.
CNEP is a research center, the innovation is mainly focused on the development of new analytical tool to assess failure or ageing of polymer materials and composites at the physico chemical scale.
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