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Company Spectroscopy Solutions | solid-chem GmbH Germany
Address 44799 Bochum
Internet Year founded 09/10
Employees <10 Turn over (in m
Contact Dr Carsten Schauerte
Phone 0234/936906190 Fax
Email carsten.schauerte@solid-chem.de
Details of co-operation
Summary of company profile Ref no
Comprehensive expert advice and problem solving in solid state chemistry for the polymer industry: Offering a service package that consists of consultation, execution and guidance in this field DE-KH-54
Two German companies, that complement each other, offer combined analyses in the wide field of solid-state chemistry. These are especially cross-linked chemical analyses for solid state related problem solving based on spectroscopic and further experimental data such as thermo-chemistry and thermo-microscopy, KF water analyses and X-ray diffractometry.
The companies are independent and were established by two experienced researchers from the University of Duisburg-Essen who collaborate to offer their combined expertise in the area of polymers and connected fields.

The companies dispose of full-range equipment and instrumentation. They are thus able to face the challenges of demanding tasks and to solve special problems within the solid state chemistry of polymers with a team of committed and experienced colleagues. All issues can be treated confidentially as in contrast to the situation at Universities, both collaborating Professors are independent. Therefore there is no obligation to publish the results of the investigations.

Innovation and advantages
The synergies of complementary expertise in analytical methods which is focused on problem solving.
Problem solving by experienced experts
Technical specifications
Areas of application: Polymer and chemical industry; producing, research and development
Current state of development of the technology
NO Development phase laboratory tested NO Available for demonstration field tested YES Already on the market
NO Other
Intellectual Property Rights
NO Patent(s) applied for NO Patent(s) granted NO Copyright protected
NO Exclusive rights YES Secret know-how
NO Others (registered design, plant variety right, etc)
Partner sought:
Content of the demanded co-operation:
NO License YES Commercial agreement YES Technical agreement
NO Partner Search NO Joint venture NO Manufacturing Agreement
NO Others
Technical specifications
Industrial companies seeking solutions, e.g. in quality control, maintain quality, and new applications
Specific area of activity of the partner sought
Polymer industry
Tasks to be performed of the partner sought
Analyses and evaluation
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