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Contakt coordinates
Company VITO Belgium
Address 200 Boeretang, 2400 MOL
Internet www.vito.be Year founded 1991
Employees >500 Turn over (in m 82
Contact Dr Sven Vercauteren
Phone +32 14 33 57 16 Fax +32 14 33 55 99
Email sven.vercauteren@vito.be
Details of co-operation
Summary of company profile Ref no
VITO's Plasma Team offers customised surface treatments using atmospheric plasma technology. BE-CO-100
Products services:
VITO is an independent research organisation based in Flanders, active in sustainable technologies in the field of energy, environment and industrial innovation.
Within VITO’s Materials Unit new technologies for nano surface modification and layer-by-layer component manufacturing are developed, thereby saving materials and energy resources and reducing waste.
VITO Plasma Team is specialised in the development of cold plasma technology at atmospheric pressure and its applications for surface treatment of materials. This novel and environmentally friendly plasma technology allows to activate, clean and coat materials at molecular or nanometer level. Typical applications are cleaning and activation of plastic or metallic foils for improved adhesion in multi-layered structures or better printability (e.g. for packaging materials). Other possible applications involve plasma deposition of non-sticking coatings for pressure sensitive tapes or membranes and coatings with anti-bacterial properties. Applications for plasma coatings with incorporated nanoparticles and biomolecules are currently being investigated.
VITO's atmospheric plasma team belongs to the top 3 research groups in this area in Europe. Already more than 30 roll-to-roll goods manufacturers of plastics, paper, metal and performance materials are using the VITO Materials Unit to enhance their products with atmospheric plasma surface innovations. The technology platform also allows companies of specialty chemicals to develop customized surface treatments based on their own proprietary chemical technologies.
Plasma equipment developed by VITO (PlasmaSpot, PlasmaLine and PlasmaZone) is commercially available through collaboration with a German partner. The VITO technology is used by several other research organisations and companies for the development of a broad range of surface modifications. More information can be found on www.vitoplasma.eu
Objectives of desired contacts:
YES to investigate the market YES to establish new contacts NO to deepen existing contacts
NO others
Partner sought:
Content of the demanded co-operation:
NO distribution NO License NO Project implementation
NO Supply NO Research and development NO Joint venture
NO Production NO Project development NO Investment
NO Others
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