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3S Simons Security Systems GmbH Germany
  DE-TO-7 Unique anti-counterfeit product safety tag system  
Abka kýrtasiye ve Amb. San. Tic. Ltd. Þti. Turkey
  TR-CO-81 Leader company in polypropylene sheet extrusion. Good know how in producing licensed stationery items.  
Anonymous Netherlands
  NL-TO-70 Second generation biodegradable starch based bioplastic from by-products of the potato processing industry.  
Bergische Universität Wuppertal Mechanical Engineering Germany
  DE-PS-47 Engineering Design, Blow Moulding Simulation, Robust Design, Finite Element Simulation, Multi Body Simulation, Mechanical Design, Tolerance Analysis  
Birlik Sunger Kim. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey
  TR-CO-105 Manufacturer of Polyurethane Foam  
  TR-PS-104 We are producing Polyurethane foam in Turkey. We are manufacturing 15 to 65 densities, and polyether, HR and visco foams.  
BW engineering GmbH Germany
  DE-TO-67 Development of moveable plastic parts for the automotive, medical engineering and electronic industries  
  DE-TO-68 Package of innovative technologies for tool management in the plastics industry  
Center for Plastics Science and Engineering (CPSE) e.V. Germany
  DE-TO-69 Technical center offers innovation and R+D in plastics material and processing technologies  
CNEP (Centre National d’Evaluation de Photoprotection) France
  FR-CO-59 Expertise in failures analysis and durability prediction of polymers (plastics) materials.  
  FR-CO-60 Anonym Society (SA), subsidiary company of a french university (Blaise Pascal University, Clermont Ferrand)  
  DE-KH-79 New product and surfaces development and engineering to maturity of high-tech organic coatings and composite systems  
Cologne Bonn Business Germany
  DE-CO-96 Cologne Bonn Business (CBB) is the official place marketing agency and attracts investors for economic investments in the Cologne Bonn Metropolitan Area.  
e-Xstream engineering; The Material Modeling Company Luxembourg
  LU-TO-92 e-Xstream engineering is a simulation software company, 100% focused on the modeling of plastics and rubber matrix composites for the optimal, time and costs efficient design of composite parts  
eko-plastic improvements Israel
Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT Geschäftsfeld Nachwachsende Rohstoffe Germany
  DE-KH-91 Applied Research and development using renewable raw materials for bio-based plastics (material development, compounding, processing) and for energy technologies  
Fundación Andaltec I+D+i Spain
  ES-CO-103 We are a technological center for plastic industry in southern Spain looking for new partners and contacts in R&D proyects  
  ES-PS-102 We are a technological center for plastic industry in southern Spain and we are looking for cooperation in R&D proyects and plastics or process development  
GÜÇSAN Plastik Kalýp Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Þ. Turkey
  TR-CO-61 Gucsan acts on plastic injection and tool manufacturing. It was established in 1967. Gucsan serves as codesign partner for its customers. It has also assembly facility. Some of the customers are Toyot  
Intertek Netherlands
  NL-CO-86 The global leading quality, safety, testing, consultancy and certification partner  
Invest Northern Ireland United Kingdom
  GB-CO-41 One stop shop for Europe in Northern Ireland  
ISB Watertec GmbH Germany
  DE-CO-52 One of the leading companies in the anode technology offers solutions for cooling water treatment to reduce maintenace  
  DE-TO-73 Galvanic water treatment against corrosion and lime deposit  
Jeune Chambre Economique de la Plasturgie France
  FR-CO-58 Association created in order to federate extrusion plastic industry.  
  FR-PS-57 Gate to the extrusion plastics industry in Auvergne - Association initiates co-operations  
Kunststoff-Institut für die mittelständische Wirtschaft NRW GmbH Germany
  DE-CO-44 German research institute is looking for partner in plastic processing industry for technology transfer and co-operative projects  
  DE-PS-101 Collaborative project on antibacterial surfaces  
  DE-PS-74 Testing of sustainable materials – technical application of bio-based components  
  DE-PS-76 Injection-moulded plastic-glass composites  
  DE-TO-72 Variothermal temperature control using BFMOLD™ technology  
kunststoffland NRW e.V. Germany
  DE-PS-83 Kunststoffland NRW - encouraging competence and excellence in North Rhine-Westphalia  
Kunststoffwerkstatt - Projekte im Netzwerk Germany
  DE-CO-88 Co-operations along the value chain  
M.J. Additive GmbH Germany
  DE-CO-65 Additive systems for reduction of cycle times and improved properties  
  DE-TO-75 State-of-the art additive systems for the plastics industry  
Netzwerk Innovative Werkstoffe (Netzwork Innovative Materials) Germany
  DE-CO-84 German Network Innovative Materials in the Cologne region initiates co-operations in the field of advanced materials  
NRW.Europa Germany
  DE-CO-1 Technology transfer and innovation management  
NUON Energie und Service GmbH Germany
  DE-CO-51 NUON, operator of industrial park Oberbruch in Heinsberg near Aachen, Germany, offers premesis and facilities for the plastics industry  
  DE-PS-50 NUON, part of Vattenfall is an energy company which operates Industry/Chemical Parks. Industriepark Oberbruch, located close to RWTH Aachen and Düsseldorf in Germany is looking for (plastics) companie  
  FR-TO-97 Invisible marking technology for brand and materials security  
Perfotec BV Netherlands
  NL-TO-80 Laser system with online quality and oxygen transmission control improves shelf-time of film packed fresh(-cut) products via an optimised film permeability  
polymeroptix GmbH Germany
  DE-CO-94 Precision components for optical systems and Microsystems in plastics injection moulding  
  DE-PS-93 High precision optical and micro system technology in plastic injection moulding  
SiCon GmbH Germany
  DE-TO-63 New shredding line for light mixed scrap  
  DE-TO-64 Unique know-how, engineering and latest technology for sorting, recycling and treatment of residues  
Sistem Kalip ve Plastik San Turkey
  TR-CO-89 We are mould oriented company. We can supply you plastic injection moulds and blowing moulds. We have been in the sector over 30 years. We also have production capability so we can supply you plastic  
Spectroscopy Solutions | solid-chem GmbH Germany
  DE-KH-54 Comprehensive expert advice and problem solving in solid state chemistry for the polymer industry: Offering a service package that consists of consultation, execution and guidance in this field  
  TR-CO-98 Standart Insulation Co. - maufacturer of bituminous waterproofing membranes - is looking for partners and technologies for new waterpoof products for the construction sector  
SYNTENS Netherlands
  NL-CO-12 Syntens is a semi governemental organisation for supporting and stimulating innovation within SME's  
UAB METGA Lithuania
  LT-CO-53 UAB METGA produce parts from rubber and metal. We work as a subcontractor and make parts according cutomer drawings  
University of Paderborn Germany
  DE-PS-90 Applied basic research and contract research in the sector of pastics and rubber  
VITO Belgium
  BE-CO-100 VITO's Plasma Team offers customised surface treatments using atmospheric plasma technology.  
  BE-TO-99 VITO's Plasma Team develops atmospheric plasma processes for environment friendly surface treatment of both roll-to-roll goods as well as 3D components.  
VJB Partner s.r.o Czech Republic
  CS-CO-49 We focus on custom manufacturing in the fields of injection moulding, sheet-metal pressing, powder painting, product printing and final assembly.  
Werner Langer GmbH & Co. KG Metall- und Kunststoffverarbeitung Germany
  DE-CO-71 Sophisticated industrial plastic parts  
  DE-TO-77 Knowhow in the construction of complex assembly groups in the plastics industry  
WPK Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG Germany
  DE-CO-66 Injection moulded products  
ZENIT GmbH Germany
  DE-CO-78 Information and Advice on Research Funding on national and EU level - FP7, CIP etc.  
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